Possible Novel?

I happened to stumble across a short story that I wrote when I was in high school. I may expand it into a novel. It’s a well developed story, but a lot of work needs to be done. I don’t know if I have that kind of patience!



You are incorrect
You always will be
I’m to be treated with respect
You are a nuisance flea

Inflated egos abound
This is my nation
Everything you see around
Only invalidation

I am entitled
You can’t compete
You are in denial
You will forever experience defeat

How Ironic

Those of you who’ve read my posts, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. But, the reason I’m writing this is because of a story that my husband just relayed to me. The e-book I wrote, Family Is Not Defined By Blood, rang true again as a result of this story.

A woman in her 30’s died last night from kidney failure. She has 5 kids and has been on dialysis for years. Her own brother was a perfect match to be a donor. His wife stepped in and said, “The only way my husband will give you his kidney is if you pay us”. I was floored. Now that she’s passed, how does her brother live with himself? How could his wife be so greedy when it comes down to life? Precious life. Her existence. And the kids? How will they be affected by this? They have to grow up without a mother; the most valuable gift. What disgusts me the most is that the husband allowed his wife to say that and stood by her.

This is just another example of the synopsis of my book. Families are definitely not defined by blood. Money changes everything; you may have been a moral, decent person before, but greed produces immorality. It just goes to show that no one can definitively predict their families’ actions in many situations.

As I was writing this, I received a call from my mother about the situation I explained in my book. My brother took all of my mother’s money and switched everything over to his family’s “estate”. I can honestly say that my brothers are immoral, evil, vile, wicked and heinous abominations.

transform quote



Breaking The Golden Rule

There are many challenges and obstacles when attempting to create a successful article. I’ve written numerous articles during my freelance career, and it seems I always find an error after 

the article has been submitted. They are often very small mistakes that are usually not even picked up by your average reader. However, to the seasoned writer, they stand out like a neon sign. How on earth did I miss such a silly, beginner’s mistake? I always proofread my completed drafts before submitting them, or so I thought, so why do I continue this pattern?

Ok, let’s be honest here. I don’t always proofread. The more appropriate term would be scanning. I know! The Golden Rule of writing, in my opinion, is proofreading your work several times. I admit that I was in a hurry or just plain sick of writing about the topic, so I completed it with a quick scan and submitted it. Not only did I do this for articles, but also the two ebooks I had just published! How completely embarrassing. When will I learn to not break the golden rule? A rule that I’m fully aware of and constantly repeat to others.

In the beginning of my writing career, I’d often think, if you’re on a roll, just go with it. As long as you steer clear of or correct the red lines in Google docs, you were good to go. Well, not so much. I’d often just want to get the article done and be over with the assignments. Another mistake. One thing you must do is walk away from your computer and do something entirely different. Working hastily is your brain telling you that you need a break from it all. Listen to it. Don’t be in such a rush, because you’ll wind up regretting it and breaking the golden rule yourself.

I’ve just developed a new approach for myself when writing. You can call it a check list if you will.

  1. Be in the right mood for writing – let’s face it, it may be our passion, but most of us are not always in the mood.
  2. Look over your project instructions.
  3. Do proper research as needed.
  4. Write down your thoughts.
  5. Start brainstorming by writing every thought down in article format.
  6. Now go back through your draft – you’ll find a bunch of mistakes, but that’s normal. During this phase, you will also notice really bad sentences and phrases and immediately have a better way of rephrasing things.
  7. Don’t rush through the project.
  8. Suffering from writer’s block? – walk away from your computer and forget about the assignment. Sometimes, your best ideas come to you when you’re not thinking about it.
  9. When you feel ready, go back to sit at your computer and proofread your draft.
  10. Rewrite it in the proper format.
  11. Once you feel it may be the final draft, go back and reread it again!! And again! I can’t emphasize this enough. No scanning or skimming. Read it as if it was an article in a magazine you wanted to read. Pick it apart.

You certainly don’t have to follow my steps. Make a list of your own. Whatever works for you. The bottom line to take away from this article is to never break the golden rule.