Sorry Guys!

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything. But, that’s because I have 2 writing jobs currently which take up a lot of my time. I did want to share with you, the one company I am working for is based out of Manhattan. I know there are so many fashionistas here, so I’d like to share something with you.

The company/website is┬áIt’s an extremely unique and innovative idea. I was blown away after I read what exactly the site is about. The official launch is not until September, but you can sign up now. Please read my blog on Become A Charlie Stylist. It explains the entire process. If you’re anything like me, I know you will be just as excited! Please read it at the link above and comment about your thoughts. I’d love to hear what you think!!

Thank you my fellow writers!

P.S. I’ll share the link to the article. It’s much easier that way.