New to Homeschooling?

I began homeschooling my daughter this year for many different reasons. Although Bethany is very outgoing, she did not like the school’s environment. Starting seventh grade this year, students move up to the secondary center; a far cry from elementary school. Not only did she have difficulty acclimating to her new surroundings and policies, she didn’t feel like she was being challenged. There are many subjects that she’s extremely adept, but the school does not offer in-depth classes that would allow her to focus more on such subjects.

Following my decision to homeschool Bethany, I search online for different programs and curriculums that I could follow to ensure she would get the core courses required by the state. I came across and began researching the website.

What I discovered was a plethora of information and a remarkable, all-encompassing system. Bethany would be able to work on Math, a subject that she does not like or do well. Also, other subjects, such as History and Geography, were offered more comprehensively. These are subjects that she excels and prefers to put more time into these studies. She is also able to learn several different foreign languages that are not offered in public school.

Since beginning the program, Bethany has been a much happier child, and she looks forward to school work every day; an important aspect that she was lacking.

Should you decide to homeschool your child, I highly recommend Do your own research by visiting the site, and I am confident that you will find it to be just as exceptional as I have.

Disclaimer: These opinions are mine alone and are not associated with the company.


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